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New Service - 

the "Walk and Talk" Inspection

We are excited to offer a brand- new service: the "Walk and Talk" inspection.

The "Walk and Talk" inspection is a good option for clients who are looking at multiple properties before making an offer, or are just looking for a less expensive home inspection option, and don't need the written report and photo's that are included with a standard home inspection.

How it works: A "Walk and Talk" inspection covers almost all of the areas that a standard home inspection would cover, but there is no Inspection Report issued after the inspection.

The client (you) accompanies the inspector as he does a thorough inspection of the property, pointing out any issues of concern, explaining the systems and features of the property, and answering any questions that the client has about the property.

The only major difference is that a report is not issued following the inspection, and a lower price.


To schedule your Walk and Talk Inspection, call  240.500.4877

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